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About Us

The Human Health Education and Research Foundation (HHERF) was established in 2020 in London. The concept was developed at a time of international crisis by a leading group of international doctors and scientists to learn from past mistakes and prepare ahead of time for future challenges. We aim to build multi-sectoral, sustainable global health networks to ensure humanity works together to survive and thrive.

We are non-governmental, non-political and not-for-profit, and commit to full transparency of funding with the highest standards of governance. Our revenues are spent on education and research to improve health across the globe. The role of HHERF is to form a bridge between NGOs, foundations, communities, and governments. We enable best practice sharing and strive to minimize duplication of efforts. Our aim is to connect similar initiatives at global, regional and national levels to produce common outcomes.

For more details visit Foundation website: www.hherf.org